For over 40 years, Ardap Care has been involved in the manufacture and sale of food and hygiene products for dogs, cats, birds and rodents.

What is now a steadily growing family company originally started out as a bakery business, which used its baked goods to create food for pets, amongst other things.

Ardap Care initially set out its stall in the animal breeding sector, and presented its products at Europe’s largest animal shows. The company has adapted and developed its products to fit the needs of pets, through constant dialogue with breeders, pet owners and international sales partners. Today, its products are sold in over 50 countries.

‘ARDAP’ has existed for over 30 years as one of many products designed to combat pests, and has become one of the top insecticides on the German market, thanks to its special recipe and high quality. Over the years, Ardap Care has been developing a product range for combating pests in animals, in animal surroundings and in the household, in collaboration with leading substance manufacturers, consultants and veterinarians, under the ‘ARDAP’ brand name.

Through steadily growing sales figures and a continually expanding portfolio of products, Ardap Care has invested in state-of-the-art production systems, structured storage and new packaging technologies, in order to satisfy the growing demand for product safety. Today, the company has a wide range of production systems at its command, in order to be able to manufacture as many different forms and types of product as possible. This enables the company to constantly develop new and innovative products, while also setting new trends. Ardap Care is also in a position to develop and manufacture private label products for trade, and is active in various countries as a result.